1 Simple Way You Can Influence Change in Others

Changing behavior can be hard. That is because it is emotional and not logical. To influence change you have to speak to the emotional side of someone. But there is one simple way you can influence change in others.

Dissatisfaction is the seed for change.

All those who have achieved greatness originated from an initial feeling of dissatisfaction and a feeling of empowerment for change.

Use this when you want to influence large scale change. Have the other person or group assume a role or behavior that will lead them to “trip over the truth“.

This means to have the other person experience the struggles for themselves.

Once they feel that dissatisfaction, they will have a stronger urge to see change happen.

Real, lasting change must come from within. The individual must want change. Your job is to lift the blinds of their perspective so that they can see the truth.

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