You Never Can Have Enough of What You Don’t Need

Cravings will leave you unsatisfied until you address the root cause. You can never have enough of what you don't need

One of the great problems that I find with consciousness is the imagination’s ability to create new problems. You won’t even know it when it’s happening. You’ll rationalize it away far too easily in an attempt to maintain the story that you have control. The result? Many layers of problems and stories added that detour from the root cause. Your problems just got more complicated. One side-effect is the misinterpretation of what the body is trying to tell you. You never can have enough of what you don’t need.

You Never Can Have Enough of What You Don’t Need

There are a couple points here:


You won’t ever have enough if you look for it. Because the mind can always come up with more. Once you accomplish one thing, you’ll then define something greater. This is because the original desire was something more than you have now.

THAT’S the big idea. The lust for something is often more enjoyable than the thing itself. The lust allows for the imagination to filter out the problems that would normally come with the reward. Lusting for a big house? You picture how perfect it can be but you conveniently leave out the price, cleaning, clutter and unnecessary items that will inevitably scale to the size of the house, etc.

Know your true cravings because you can never have enough of what you don't need

This means that what you’re really craving is the story that you create surrounding a desire.

So once you achieve the goal, the thing you were really wanting, the lust, is now gone.

You’ll go on to find something else to fill the void.

The cycle continues.

And the cycle will continue until the true root cause, the underlying craving, is satisfied.

This is like a craving for cold drinks or ice. This is often a sign of a magnesium deficiency, but people satisfy the craving with cold drinks. These may be soda or ice cream. The true craving is not being satisfied so the unhealthy habit of sugary snacks will build. The root cause was overlooked.

You can never have enough of what you don’t need.

Principle of Relativity

The principle of relativity will always allow the idea of more to come up again and again. There will always be more, the depth never ends. Imagination has no bounds.

The ego is basically the side of consciousness whose goal is to make you value yourself so much that you avoid risks, thus increasing chances of survival. The side effect of this is attachment, an identification with things.

The ego has a knack for making you think you need something that you already have. This seeking behavior is at the heart of all stories. That is the exact reason why it is at the heart of the narrative you create about your life. A story has a character (you) that is on a journey of some sort (the lust).

What you really need is buried under a lot of emotions, probably stemming from childhood. Did you have explosive or emotionally unstable parents? A mother who was always moments from having an anxiety attack? A father who takes their anger out on you? You may have developed behaviors to “people please” or avoid “stepping on toes”. This may of been what started a smoking habit, you didn’t want to offend a friend who offered.

But to address these root causes requires passing through all of this buried emotion. It is like trying to build discipline and become “tough” while avoiding doing hard things. It IS the hard things that make you tough. Good luck developing a callus on your fingers without plucking guitar strings for countless hours.

You have to pass through the struggle to solve the problem for good, or else it will repeat itself, in various ways, throughout the rest of your life.

You can never have enough of what you don’t need because what you don’t need that you think is necessary is just the symptom of a something more fundamental.

Conditioned Thinking

Negative thinking is a habit. It is a thought pattern that has been conditioned. Avoid recalling negative scenarios because that will invoke the same emotions and therefore glue the memories. Emotions are like glue to experiences. The more emotion that is around, the deeper the experience will get wired.

The avoidance of root causes arises from comfort. The path of least resistance is creating a story to cover up the problems. But this just creates a new problem and adds a ton of complexity on to the original problem that will need processed before the root cause.

This is the result of immaturity. As conscious beings, we are given the steering wheel to our lives. It requires responsibility. Because we are conscious, we must learn how to live.

You address Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) by slowly reconditioning the thought patterns in to the other direction. The first few times, just like with any habit formation/removal will be the most difficult. But once the new thought pattern is wired, it will gain momentum. The formation of these thought patterns follows the basic idea of “use it or lose it”. Use the new thought pattern more and it will strengthen and be easier to use. Avoid using the old thought pattern and it will weaken and be easier to avoid.

You can never have enough of what you don’t need because the slight rewards from taking the path of least resistance will reinforce the story.


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5 thoughts on “You Never Can Have Enough of What You Don’t Need

  1. Hi Brandon,
    This post has some incredibly profound insights. “Lust for something is often more enjoyable than the thing itself.” Yes, exactly. We have the illusion that our desires will be satisfied, but the object of our desire will never satisfy for very long. I also liked your insight about the effect of replaying negative scenarios and the emotions being like glue that causes the experience to stick with us. Very good description. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! Those are some very encouraging words (:

      I’m sorry for my delayed response, I’ve been on busying myself with work.

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