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Book - Effective Living

Effective Living – Part 5 – Summary

Welcome to the big summary! This is it! We've come to the conclusion of our deep dive into Effective Living. We will now take some time to review what we've covered in exploring Effective Living. There are several important points so special care will be taken in highlighting each. We will approach this review by […]

Effective Living – Part 4 – How do I Develop It?

Greetings! We've covered the what and the why to Effective Living. It is now time to explore the how. The what (components and relationships) covered the idea that Effective Living is a framework that is meant to illuminate observable properties of life that lead to Effective Action. While we were exploring the what we saw […]

Effective Living – Part 3 – Why is It Important?

Hello, readers! Welcome to the continuation of the Effective Living series! At this point we’ve seen a pretty thorough inspection of what Effective Living is. Effective Living can be thought of as a framework that encompasses fundamental (discovered) truths about life as it relates to taking Effective Action. Where Effective Action is any action that […]

Effective Living – Part 2 – What is It? (Relationships)

Welcome to part 2 of the Effective Living series! This time we will explore the relationships between the components to Effective Living. There will be special attention given to the principles, since they form the most foundational chunk of Effective Living. A lot of concepts were introduced last time, so we will begin with a […]

Effective Living – Part 1 – What is It? (Components)

Hello, Readers! On our journey so far, we’ve experienced a quick toss-me-in sort of approach to introducing some big ideas by exploring a framework for effective living. These were the 3 realms (Social, Physical, and Mental) in the Life Simplified series. Then we took a step back to explore the big ideas that were covered […]

The Ultimate Guide to Meaning

Welcome (back)! Last time we explored Connection and now we will take this a step further and consider the Meaning that can come from Connection. This will be a deeper dive into some of the ideas brought up in the Mental realm of the Life Simplified series.   What is it? Big Idea: Meaning is […]

The Ultimate Guide to Connection

Hello readers! We’ve been deeply exploring various components of a mindset for effective action, this time we will get a bit more abstract and consider connection as it relates to effective action.   What is it? Big Idea: Trusting that your fate is as it was meant to be. Basically: What happens, was meant to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Challenge

Welcome! Following from Intensity of Stimulus is the concept of Challenge. This is a big idea and is core to any and all effective action. I have done a lot of personal exploration of struggle and discovered many useful strategies in promoting effective action during struggle. We will explore in great depth the practical applications […]

The Ultimate Guide to Intensity of Stimulus

Hello, readers! Previously we took a deep dive into the idea of Deliberate Action, which was a very important idea brought up in the Life Simplified series. Very closely related to this idea is the concept of Intensity of Stimulus. This is a big idea and has a LOT of implications. This is worth a read! […]

The Ultimate Guide to Deliberate Action

Welcome, fellow consciousness explorers! Last time we took a deep dive into Awareness. The objective has been to dive deeper into important topics covered in the Life Simplified – Overview series. Another important concept is that of Deliberation, or Deliberate Action.   What is it? Big Idea: Intentionality applied in a slow and calculated pace […]

The Ultimate Guide to Awareness

Hello readers! Continuing on in the exploration of the big ideas brought up in the Life Simplified – Overview series, we will dive into Awareness. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the exploration of Clarity. Awareness paired with clarity is one of the most powerful ways you can ensure that the changes you wish to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Clarity

Welcome, readers! The Life Simplified – Overview series was a quick toss-you-in introduction to a different mindset in life. A lot of important points were covered that deserve further attention and consideration. We will now highlight a few key points and in the future have an article devoted to a subset of these to ensure […]

Life Simplified – Part 5 – Summary

Hello, fellow explorers! We’ve made it to the end of the series, let’s recap! In this series we have explored an approach to effective living, with it we have emphasized the mind-set involved since that is the core fundamental underlying all of the insights and allowing for consistently effective action. This has been done by […]

Life Simplified – Part 4 – Mental

Hello! This has been a long time coming, let’s dive in. So far we have covered the Social and the Physical realms. These realms serve as categories that are meant to encapsulate all of our existence in as few “buckets” as possible to allow for focused development in each category and ultimately exploration of existence […]

Life Simplified – Part 3 – Physical

Welcome, everyone! Last time we’ve considered the Social realm and the idea of increasing meaning in one’s life through increasing connections. Our exploration of the 3 realms (Social, Physical, Mental) continues with the Physical. Physical What is it? Big Idea: The body is a vessel through which the universe acts. Basically: Have a purpose that is […]

Life Simplified – Part 2 – Social

Hello, readers! Last time we explored the broad categories that we can divide our life into. These were Social, Physical, and Mental. We saw examples for each of these areas and covered the importance of setting objectives in each of which are pursued with concentrated, deliberate action. Now we will explore a high level overview […]

Life Simplified – Part 1 – Overview

Welcome, everyone! I’m excited for this upcoming series on effective living. Let’s begin!   WARNING: My posts are the results of a stream of thought on a particular topic. It is based on experience and self-exploration even (and especially) during the most uncomfortable, painful, or unpleasant of situations. I will only briefly touch on shallow […]

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