Because we are conscious, we must learn how to live.

My Mission

The below is the latest attempt at articulating my mission.

I want to empower people to have a voice, to speak up, to be curious about their experience and to feel capable of articulating it.

Because of Singleton Consciousness (a concept of mine that I dive deep into with my writing), we all may be walking around with pots of gold inside of us, but think nothing of it because “that’s all I’ve ever known”, “I know no different”, but having an outlet to make explicit these experiences and an environment that makes discovering them easy, then I believe the insights we have into life and consciousness will begin to compound. Psychological discoveries of how we tick will spill out in rapid succession. The more unified we can become on an awareness level, the more synergistic we can operate, the more fundamental our understanding and thus the more optimal our actions and interpretations.

When our actions are more in alignment with nature, they will be more effective. As this happens more and more I believe disease will subside and the flurishment of nature will thrive.

This all combines together to support the larger mission of “evolving the species forward“.


By taking big insights I’ve had from watching/reading others and making them obtainable through engaging activities in a story-like format to drive home the core message.

To make accessible key ideas that change how people look at the world. To stimulate Pivotal Thoughts (another concept of mine that I explore in my writing).

All of this to have a meaningful and lasting impact.

Exploration has been a common theme in my own growth and in the growth I’ve seen others have after trauma.

Once they’re on “passion”, then they’re self-sufficient, my job is done.