Because we are conscious, we must learn how to live.


Life Simplified – Part 3 – Physical

Welcome, everyone! Last time we’ve considered the Social realm and the idea of increasing meaning in one’s life through increasing connections. Our exploration of the 3 realms (Social, Physical, Mental) continues with the Physical. Physical What is it? Big Idea: The body is a vessel through which the universe acts. Basically: Have a purpose that is […]

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Life Simplified – Part 2 – Social

Hello, readers! Last time we explored the broad categories that we can divide our life into. These were Social, Physical, and Mental. We saw examples for each of these areas and covered the importance of setting objectives in each of which are pursued with concentrated, deliberate action. Now we will explore a high level overview […]

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Life Simplified – Part 1 – Overview

Welcome, everyone! I’m excited for this upcoming series on effective living. Let’s begin!   WARNING: My posts are the results of a stream of thought on a particular topic. It is based on experience and self-exploration even (and especially) during the most uncomfortable, painful, or unpleasant of situations. I will only briefly touch on shallow […]

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