Hello!My name is Brandon. I’ve been a writer for many years now, I’ve always loved the process of putting pen to paper and flushing my thoughts out in a logical format.

The last several years I’ve been taking any and all insights I would have throughout the day and capturing them in a small pocket-notebook. At the end of the day, I would chunk them to bite-size insights to a larger notebook containing one-line zingers. This process has led me to many synchronicities and compounding insights of creativity.

This blog is the result of all those years of compounding insights and showing the real-world connections and practical applications I’ve discovered to living a more effective life and achieving more with less. My aim has been to explore my consciousness with a hard focus on improving my productivity and time management. I’ve personally realized profound impacts in my life with simple mind-set and perspective adjustments, this site is aimed at expressing that mind-set. I am continuously exploring and new insights come regularly, each new post will build off the previous all adding to the bigger picture.I will be objective and aim to only seek truth, what I write about is based on my experience and new experiences that I have may adjust my point of view, I am constantly updating my understanding of the world and aim to share that which has stood the test of time and experience the best.

I love to be of service to others and help people, this blog is meant to optimize for that. I aim for clarity and directness and share only what I’ve learned from my experience.


  • Promote ideas 
    • Everything is connected 
    • Everything is achievable 
    • Your thoughts create your reality 
  •  Practical, principle-based, applications that actually get lasting results

There’s plenty of information on the granular implications of the ideas I will be sharing but ultimately I’m more interested in the bigger picture that encompasses them all as well as provide a mental framework through which to understand why and how these granular and practical implications actually work.

This provides you with the ability to tweak the practices you come across to work for you and as a result you’re able to re-share with the world your interpretation of that practice as well as how and WHY your implementation worked. This ultimately leads to increasing the amount of information available for other to pull on and make more informed decisions and ultimately add puzzle pieces to understanding the bigger picture of existence.

This utilizes the full capacity of the internet and puts the power of exploration in the hands of everyone. Everyone is useful in contributing to this pile of information regarding personal experiences and interpretation of their experiences. The more in-touch we become with living in alignment with how nature intended (which isn’t well-defined and something that is to be explored and is entirely meant to be explored and discovered for one’s self!) the more meaning and impact we find our life has, and an improved peace and insight will follow.

Whatever is the cause, reason (if any), or meaning life has, it can only be found by seeking the root cause or fundamentals behind it all which seems to me to be at the heart of nature and can be explored through seeking to live in alignment with nature. This involves a complete self-less and objective exploration, allowing for whatever is, to be.