Because we are conscious, we must learn how to live.



How Carbon Built Civilization

When work is done, energy is extracted, Carbon is released.This can be through digesting food, where digestive enzymes break apart Carbon molecules. Or it can be from burning wood or “Fossil Fuels”. When the Carbon bond is broke, and Carbon is separated, a LOT of energy is released. For digestion, we call this “Calories” that […]

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From Here on Out – To Start Again

What we all wanted to do. From the beginning. But, now it’s later and the desire is born again. Something of hope. From a state of focus. A state of clarity. A still mind. Begin with internal stillness. Take action from here. But bias to action. Calibrate. Think. Bring yourself to a state of awareness. […]

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A Long Ways Coming

Self, There’s something out there.Or is that what my ego wants me to believe? What’s these feelings I feel?Time has passed. Life has moved in unpredictable ways… But, should I be surprised?To think I had it all figured out at such a young age. I find myself searching, searching for that feeling.A feeling from the […]

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