Readers: One Chapter is Closing, Another is Beginning

New Beginnings. My Mission

My original plan of returning a few months ago has not panned out. A unique opportunity came up in my life that required I pivot. I’ve accepted a position at Google that I’ve been working hard towards for a long time. I am now in the works of selling my current house and buying one off in the mountains. This has been a long held objective of mine, to be able to engage intensely in problem solving, writing, or creative endeavors and have nature a few minutes away for me to reset psychologically.

During the past year I’ve learned a lot about my own conscious experience. I’ve also developed vocabulary to articulate exactly what it feels like.

The aim I have for this coming year is simple. It’s to have a platform from which I can sustainably produce meaningful, digestible, and engaging content.

My Mission

The mission I am on has evolved a lot over the past 4 years. But over the past year it has been fine-tuned to a more stable and robust vision.

You can read my latest attempt at articulating it on this page and its younger version in my post on “Throw Out the Crutches: My Mission Statement“. Here is it in brief:

I aim to empower others to explore their conscious experience and provide inspiration to articulate it. I’ll do this through exploring my own conscious experience and sharing the vocabulary and concepts I create to do this in a meaningful way. This includes the struggles and challenges that I voluntarily engage in and the philosophy or mindset I find that allows me to most effectively perform. This is done through Exploration.

Humans are story-creating machines. I believe meaning in one’s life is proportional to their ability to precisely articulate it. Those who can more clearly state their desires and what is worth-wild to them, derive far more meaning out of life. We all know what it feels like to be unable to put to words what’s on our minds or how we feel in a particular moment. It’s disempowering.

I’ve personally found that the more capable I feel in expressing myself accurately and directly, the more content I feel, regardless of the outcome. If a relationship doesn’t go my way but I stated my desires clearly and explored the experience I was having with the other person, then I feel no regret and I am able to move on with a clear conscience. The alternative is regret, longing for a changed past because you didn’t act authentically.

To put it briefly, the more present I am with my day-to-day interactions, the more at peace I am with life. My anxieties melt away. I feel full of love and passion.

My Implementation Intention

Over this coming year I’ll develop an innovative website that allows readers to engage with the content to gain personally meaningful insights. I wish to reimagine what it means to be a “blog” and push the limits to how engaging they can be.

To do this effectively, the areas I’ll need to grow the most in is my ability to articulate an idea in a concise manner and my writing ability.

I tend to be long-winded. When an idea comes in my mind, a plethora of related ideas or caveats come up. I find myself running on a single sentence trying to capture them all. Sometimes I feel the constraints of the English language get in the way of me expressing an idea. But I understand how it makes the idea more obtainable through easy-to-read writing.

Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to AddBut When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Additionally, I’ll need to challenge my perfectionist tendencies in creating “self-containing” content with everything one wants to know about a topic all shoved into a long-winded post. This is hard to sustain. It leaves me in a binary mindset, discouraged to write if I feel I can’t make it complete and perfect.

I am falling in love with the challenge that comes with making a statement that has as much obtainable meaning as possible while having the minimal amount of fluff. In this way, the formation of each sentence is becoming an art to me.

To summarize

Expect to see big changes made to this site as I migrate to a self-hosted platform and gain full customizability in its design.
Expect to see my writing continue to evolve as I explore more impactful ways to transfer an idea from my head to yours.

As these play out, please provide your feedback and criticisms in the comments of the posts or directly to my email through the Contact form.
I am serious about this mission of mine. The past year has only further deepened my resolve. Criticism is encouraged, external feedback is a must.

It has now been a year since I began my blogging journey. If you consider my original walls of text (10-15k word posts, written over once-a-week, 8-12 hour grit-heavy days), my writing has changed a lot. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback over this time.


There are some hosting issues with my current provider that is causing some strange behavior with the Like button. This is something that should be fixed once I move to self-hosting. Thank you to those who have provided feedback while I troubleshooted this.

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    1. Thanks, Rebekah!

      How do you feel the launch of your new book has been? It seems to be getting great feedback on Amazon!
      I really admire your writing ability, very deep and full of passion.

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