Proactive Leadership Is Poetic

It’s not obvious,
It’s easily overlooked as a novice.

But, unless you’re oblivious,
With experience, you’ll trust this.

Proactive action is no trick,
But not a quick fix.

Some will be a hit, some a miss,
With time, doubts will lift.

Fog will turn to mist,
Have aim, never adrift.

Knock this off your wish list, Don’t be a misfit.


Impatient for action, Never frozen stiff.

Patient for results, Steady aim gets da hit.

5 thoughts on “Proactive Leadership Is Poetic

    1. Haha, indeed.
      I love word play and find myself frequently engaging in friendly jabs with friends or just off the whim, by myself, for fun when a thought pops in my mind.

      It just so happened that I was doing such when explaining Proactive Leadership to myself (internal rant, as if I was explaining it to my boss, haha).

      I figured why not write a post! (:

      What do you think of this style?

      1. Word play is great! Helps keep your mind sharp and efficient but also encourages creativity! Nothing I like better.

        It’s an engaging way to learn, that’s for sure. I quite enjoy poetry. It helps me find words for what could otherwise feel unexplainable.

      2. Exactly.

        I love that I often don’t even know what will come out, but somehow, it all ties together in the end as if it couldn’t have been put any better way.
        Perhaps that is a result of our interpretations and tendencies to create stories 🤔

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