Wealth Is an Interpretation

What is the difference between wealth and having a lot of money? Let’s explore.


Selfishness comes from a place of lack. People will not give if they feel they are in lack.

If you want to teach someone to be selfless and think of others, convince them that they have an abundance.

The longest lasting way to do this is to show them that the abundance they have is internal and that no one can take that from them.

The objective is to be of service. Don’t focus on what others can do for you, but what you can do for others.

A mindset of abundance precedes giving. The brain is wired for survival. If it feels your basic needs are not met, it won’t encourage giving.

Nowadays, the needs not being met are more often psychological than physical. Food, water, shelter, and all those basic needs is something humanity solved a long time ago.

The deeper needs like connection and emotional safety are what’s in lack now.

So, remember this: You can have no money and still feel abundance. You can have a lot of money and still feel lack. Wealth is an interpretation.

Internal vs external: Where do you place your self-worth? The answer will determine your wealth.

Abundance comes from within. Wealth is an interpretation.
Wealth is an interpretation. True abundance comes from within. External distractions fuel ego and steal form you.


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5 thoughts on “Wealth Is an Interpretation

  1. Wonderful post and I agree with every word. Wealth is measured by what’s in your heart and what you’re willing to give to others. Then it comes back to you tenfold. Thank you!!

    1. I like that you highlighted giving to others. Being of service, giving, rewards the giver with the most wealth.

      Thank you for reading (:

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