Readers: The Next Chapter of The Blog

Thanks to all the feedback I’ve been receiving I’m going to begin the next chapter of the blog taking it all in to consideration.


A Brief Note to The Audience

My aim with my content is to help others through times of struggle and to paint a more complete picture of life. I want to leave an impact.

As a result, I am constantly looking for new ways to improve my writing to reach more people and provide more value with less fluff. So, a big thank you to those who provide your feedback in form of emails and comments, it is greatly appreciated.

I am exploring new ways to improve my writing and my impact each week. My focus recently has been on how I can make this a long-term, sustainable, life of mine.

With that said, I’ll be pivoting once more to more frequent, smaller posts.

I can understand that my posts are usually very long. My aim is to be concise while also touching on as many related topics as I can. The point of this is to promote a big idea that I want to convey, which is “everything is connected“.

I think this pivot will allow me to serve the audience more by challenging me to be more precise with my words. Providing a large impact in a bite-size chunk.

Please comment below on what you have liked so far about my posts and what you think I can improve on. I value all of your feedback and my aim is to truly add value and help others.

Alternative perspectives help to keep me on track with writing useful and meaningful content.

A Brief Aside

I have talked about “transition periods” in the past, for many of my posts:

This is another example of a transition period. This announcement is marking a closing of one chapter and a starting of another.

Rituals and ceremonies such as weddings, graduations, funerals, and birthdays are emphasized to promote the transitioning effect. The death of the old, the birth of the new.

But it doesn’t have to be an expensive wedding or a once in a lifetime graduation. You can build these in to your routine regularly, from waking up with a morning routine to winding down for the night with an evening routine. You can utilize them to prepare for a hard workout or to get ready for a romantic evening.

Transition periods are used often to set the mood, whether you know it or not. Once you become aware of these, they show up all over. These are great points to insert new habits, break old habits, or promote changes in identity and personality.


Store Launch Special

In other news, I’ve put together the start of my own store!

Things that require a lot of time investment will be offered through the store. This will help to encourage that I maintain the integrity of my site through producing quality rich content.

Here are a few things that I plan on offering:

  • E-Books: For content that deserve a long and orderly walk-through, I’ll put together an organized E-Book that takes many of the big ideas I talk about on the blog and coalesce them into a concise and all-encompassing guide.
    • Topics: Fitness, Running, Health, Discipline and Struggling Well, Rapid Skill Acquisition and Learning, Philosophy, Psychology, Influence and Emotional Well-Being
  • How-To Guides: I LOVE learning, picking up new skills is a hobby. Anything high-performance and improved productivity. These guides will be clear and concise how-tos for anything from improving the performance of your website (SEO, speed, etc.) to freelance or passive income, as well as things like muscle building and fat loss.
  • Services: Let’s work together!
    • Examples:
      • Guidance on health (nutrition, fitness, marathon training, etc.)
      • Guidance on struggling well and discipline (anything related to high performance and getting up after being knocked down)
        • E.g. Building purpose and finding meaning
      • Creativity: From App Development to Ghost Writing for your blog or magazines
      • Mentorship: Catering my experience to your unique situation
  • Productivity Apps. I LOVE programming and my day job is a software developer, I create anything from Game Engines to Financial Calculator Applications as a hobby.
    • And, yes, I do take requests for applications (I’m a freelance developer too), Contact Me for details!
  • Framed Photography: My Mother is a photographer, her photos can be sold and shipped anywhere in the US.


I just have published my new E-Book:

And, as a special to my readers: If you use the coupon code “grandopen” at checkout, you can get it for only 0.99 cents!

This is available in the form of an immediate download.

I provide full customer support myself.


Stay tuned!


Thank you to all of my readers!


6 thoughts on “Readers: The Next Chapter of The Blog

  1. I love what you said about the transitioning effect with significant events- I’ve never thought about it this way before. What I love about your content is that you touch on brilliant points and so many of them. Your blog posts can be lengthy but once I finish reading, I’ve learnt something new and have discovered ways to apply this knowledge in my day to day. I love the way you think. I really resonate with your words.

    I think you’d make a brilliant ghostwriter. This is something I’ve considered but I reckon I’d get too hung up on seeing my work out there but not being credited for it!

    1. Yeah, that can be a lot of work to not receive credit for. But most clients will allow you to link back to your site, which helps with search engines ranking you higher.

      Thank you for your feedback, I find it incredibly valuable.

      I hope the more freuqent, shorter post format can still have the impact I’m after.

      There are a range of topics that I would like to cover and I think that will allow me to provide something of value to a larger audience.

      Shorter posts will be tough, I tend to have ideas while writing of how the topic connects to other things, which I feel is important to share, sort of laying out the exact thinking process I go through when working through the problems.

      But, with that said, I also want to improve my writing, shorter posts will be more practical to take the time to edit properly and develop better writing habits for readability.

      I am still trying to find the right balance for these things, so I appreciate when writers, such as yourself, provide feedback.

      Thank you, and keep up the good work on your end! 😊

      This is a wonderful community that I’m grateful to be a part of (:

      1. I hear it! Just a matter of finding the writing style that works for you. You’ll always have readers that are interested that way.

        Indeed, it is a wonderful community! No place like it 🙌🏼

  2. Hi Brandon, I think your contents are good, interesting and always giving practical ideas to work on.
    Just one thing I wanted to point out, (which you have already realised) that your posts are usually very long. You do go into the detail of the topic and bring out interesting ideas, but most readers can be discouraged by the length of your posts.
    If I were you, I would divide one long blog post into 4 or 5 shorter blog-posts. It can help you in two major ways.
    1.) Your readers are more likely to read full post if it is short.
    2.) You can post more frequently and thus engage more readers. (Your content is the same, it is just one long post divided into shorter 4 or 5 posts)

    So what happens is that your blog posts are just to get to know you and your ideas in a 5 minutes read. So if the reader gets interested in one post, he/she will surely visit related posts. If they are still interested, then they can check out your e-books, where you can present really long and descriptive ideas about the topic.

    So, to sum up, your ideas are good and interesting. But it may help you if you organize them according to your reader`s convenience.
    Thank you. Have a great day! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Sarthak.

      Your work has been a recent inspiration of mine, so your feedback is invaluable.

      Long posts is definitely showing as a common pain point.

      I am beginning to realize the typical structure I add to a post (where I lay out the main topics), could serve as the diving point for multiple posts.

      I’m grateful to have so many wise writers a part of this community 😊

      1. You are welcome Brandon. I am also grateful to have good writers like you in the community 🙂 I wish you good luck! Keep up the good work.

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