Readers: An Update on My Absence

Cutting to the Chase

I have been off my writing schedule for the past few weeks. I’ve been directing my focus to work and some programming passion projects.

I plan on returning within the next month or two. I’ll have plenty of lessons to share that I’ve been capturing in my notes while reflecting on my psychological processes during these times of change.

Reflecting on My Journey so Far

I started blogging about 8 months ago now. In that time I have built up a wonderful community of like-minded individuals. I appreciate everyone’s support and feedback on my writing. Comparing my first posts to my recent posts, I think my biggest growth has been in having a more active writing style.

This contrast is very motivating because I value the ability to articulate an idea that could have a profound impact on someone’s life. Writing, as an expression of thought, is an art form that I have fallen in love with over the past year. The clarity in mind that comes from a flow-state while keys fly across the keyboard is therapeutic.

Recent Bug on Site

Also, there were some feedback regarding an issue with the like button. This was because of a plugin, if any of you experience something similar: try deactivating the Smush plugin! (:

Thank you for those who have called this out! It would have gone unseen for longer without the feedback. You taking the time to inform me means a lot.

Closing Words

A part of this programming project that I’ve been working on includes a major face-lift to this site. I have plans on moving to my own hosted platform so that I can have full control over the site’s appearance and functionality (my day job is a developer).

I’ll still be active in the community and on your blogs as well. There are just too many wonderful writers in this community to not remain a frequent.

I’ll be back to writing soon.

See you all around!

2 thoughts on “Readers: An Update on My Absence

  1. Glad you’ve updated us Brandon! Sounds like there are plenty of good things to come. Can’t wait to see your new and improved site. I’ll be sure to support you there. I’ve considered switching to self hosted as it’s cheaper but most of my traffic comes from the wordpress reader. I feel like I’d pretty much fall off the blogging wagon and get discouraged if my numbers were to experience such a huge shift. Beyond that, I like the analytics feature wordpress provides.

    1. Thank you! Your support means a lot (:

      Yes, I agree, WordPress has some nice functionality that helps bring readers in and give insights for what the readers are engaging most with.

      There’s a self-hosted option ( on WordPress (allows full control of your site), which I’ll do first. I’m still working on Search Engine Optimization myself, besides WordPress has lots to offer writers (:

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