Because we are conscious, we must learn how to live.

Consciousness Interpretations

Why Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

The reason is simple. This cliche can now be checked off your list. It is demystified.

Interpretations Mindset

Wealth Is an Interpretation

Are you wealthy? What does it mean to have wealth? What is the reasoning behind those that are rich still feeling poor and those that are poor feeling rich?

High Performance Mindset Overwhelm

4 Habits I Turn To When I’m Overwhelmed

Overwhelm can halt your productivity in its tracks! Don't waste anymore time. Start improving immediately. Come see exactly what I do when I'm overwhelmed.

Leadership Poetry

Proactive Leadership Is Poetic

Proactive action is poetic. Come see the impact you can have.

Bad Habits Mindset

You Never Can Have Enough of What You Don’t Need

Ever wanted something so badly but the more you tried, the further it got? Lust is the silent killer of all things. Come learn more!

Change Leadership

1 Simple Way You Can Influence Change in Others

Ever wanted to change the way someone or something operates? Ever wanted to influence the behavior of your spouse or children? Here's how you can influence change today.

Learning Thinking

3 Ways to Think Better Under Pressure

Pressure will always come. A successful life vs a failed life comes down to your decisions. Decisions count most under pressure. Come learn how to think better under pressure.

Announcements Site's Mission

Throw Out the Crutches: My Mission Statement

A cushioned society has made us soft. It has given the species crutches and made us dependent. It's time to take back our power and evolve.

Free Writing Hard Work

Proof That Everyone is Doing the Best They Can

I doubted this myself. But I've come up with an argument that proves everyone is doing the best they can.

Free Writing

Avoid Self-Sabotage With This Simple 2 Step Process

You may not recognize self-sabotaging behavior until it's too late! But it doesn't have to be this way. Find out how you can recognize the warning signs.

Free Writing

6 Ways to Avoid Regret and Quickly Transcend Grief

Regret causes gut wrenching pain, it sucks! Being prepared is the best way to deal with this. Come see how!

Free Writing

The 3 Deepest Questions on The Wonderful Mystery of Consciousness

Do I have your attention now? Wait, isn’t that usually said after something relevant happens? Was it the title? What just happened? Where is your awareness? Is your mind actively trying to make sense of what you have just stumbled across? Well, while those questions may seem existential, you have seen nothing yet. What is […]

Free Writing

Do We Live in a Perfect World? – 3 Best Ideas

Greetings, readers! We’ve just concluded our initial exposure to Effective Living. I will now begin exploring a variety of self-contained posts that follow as consequences of what we have already discovered. I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions regarding my content, so please share in the comments section below! Who are you? Big Idea: […]

Challenge High Performance Reflection

High Performance When You’re on the Hook – Personal Reflections and Takeaways

We've made it through the tunnel. Now let's look back and see what new connections we can make.

Challenge High Performance

High Performance When You’re on the Hook – Effective Tunneling

You're on the hook! How do you optimize your performance to deliver exceptional results? How do you engage in Effective Tunneling.

Challenge High Performance

High Performance When You’re on the Hook – Welcome to the Tunnel

There's a specific shared experience to high-demand situations. I will break down exactly what you can learn from them to continue to perform optimally when it matters most.

Announcements Site's Mission

Readers: One Chapter is Closing, Another is Beginning

What's a better transition period than a new year? Here's what I've been up to and what I have planned.

Consciousness Thinking

Self-Actualization vs Fulfillment: Maximizing Potential

You've got potential! How do you actualize it? Self-Actualization sounds similar to Fulfillment. But is it? Is one a roadblock to the other?


Readers: An Update on My Absence

My writing fingers have been itching. Here is a brief on what I've been up to in my absence.

Lessons Learned Story

How Grocery Store Day Changed My Life

It's a day in my weekly routine. I have optimized it to death. But something strange just happened. Is doing less the most optimal next-step?

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