Because we are conscious, we must learn how to live.

What is it?


Effective Living – Part 2 – What is It? (Relationships)

Welcome to part 2 of the Effective Living series! This time we will explore the relationships between the components to Effective Living. There will be special attention given to the principles, since they form the most foundational chunk of Effective Living. A lot of concepts were introduced last time, so we will begin with a […]

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Effective Living – Part 1 – What is It? (Components)

Hello, Readers! On our journey so far, we’ve experienced a quick toss-me-in sort of approach to introducing some big ideas by exploring a framework for effective living. These were the 3 realms (Social, Physical, and Mental) in the Life Simplified series. Then we took a step back to explore the big ideas that were covered […]

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